The Eurotransplant Reference Laboratory (ETRL) has an important role in the quality system of Eurotransplant. Eurotransplant was closely involved in the founding and development of ETRL in the early seventies of the twentieth century.

The ETRL aims at increasing the reliability and comparability of tests performed by the Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) laboratories throughout Eurotransplant, including testing of tissue characteristics (HLA), that are a critical factor for successfully matching donor kidney and patient.


In addition, the HLA laboratories are responsible for cross matching and screening for HLA specific antibodies in the patient’s sera. The ETRL evaluates the quality of all tissue typing laboratories within the Eurotransplant member states and many of similar laboratories or organ exchange organizations in the rest of Europe.

Acceptable Mismatch Program

In addition, the ETRL runs the so-called Acceptable Mismatch (AM) Program for highly sensitized patients.
The AM program has been established to increase the chance of highly sensitized kidney transplant candidates to receive a cross match negative offer. The program is open for all potential kidney transplant recipients of Eurotransplant affiliated countries. The organ offer is mandatory. No cross match will be performed at the donor center if the patient is offered an organ through the AM program.


Over the years the ETRL has become an expert in its field. The ETRL holds the accreditation of the European Federation of Immunogenetics (EFI) for many years and is one of the leading laboratories in the world. Many of the work performed at the ETRL was reported in the international literature.