Eurotransplant is fully connected with the members of its community. The organizational structure is democratic, with a Supervisory Board, Board of Management, Assembly, two advisory Councils and eight Advisory Committees.

With this structure, the national authorities, the national transplant societies and the Eurotransplant transplant programs have input in the policy and practice of Eurotransplant.

Board of Management

The Foundation has an interim Board of Management, consisting of

  • Drs. Harm Jan Driessen
    interim general director                   
  • Prof. Dr. Frans H.J. Claas
    interim medical director

The Board of Management is responsible for the general management of the Foundation under the supervision of the Supervisory Board.

The duties of the Board of Management include but are not limited to:

  • development of Eurotransplant’s vision and mission
  • the achievement of the Foundation’s objectives
  • ensuring that Eurotransplant has an internal risk-management and control system
  • managing Eurotransplant’s financial and other resources
  • ensuring that the organisation functions efficiently
  • preparing and drawing up the budget, the annual accounts and the annual report
  • drawing up a proposal for and implementing approved medium- and long-term policy plans
  • handling, in general, all matters that can reasonably be deemed as being part of day-to-day management

The Advisory Councils and Committees

The Advisory Councils and Committees advise the Board of Management on a number of topics.

The Council of Medicine and Science consists of:

  • delegates from the Assembly, who work in a transplant center and are involved in transplantation (members A)
  • representatives of the national scientific transplant societies from each Eurotransplant member state (members B)
  • the head of the Eurotransplant Reference Laboratory (ETRL) (member C)
  • an ethicist familiar with the field of organ transplantation (member D)

The Council of Medicine and Science advises the Board of Management concerning issues of allocation and allocation development.

The Council of Administration consists of up to three representatives of each national competent authority of the Eurotransplant member states. The Council of Administration advises the Board of Management concerning financial, organizational, administrative and information services issues.

Advisory Committees

Eurotransplant has eight Advisory Committees consisting of representatives of the national transplant societies of the Eurotransplant member states, invited experts and if applicable, representatives from other advisory committees.

The advisory committees have an important role in development of allocations rules. The committees have among others the following tasks:

  • prepare and advice on the definition and implementation of new allocation rules for and sharing
  • the evaluation of allocation rules, the improvement of the allocation process
  • data collection and support of scientific analysis

The organ specific advisory committees are:

The other committees are:

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of five independent members in several areas of expertise

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Van Raemdonck
    Chair / Member with knowledge of transplant medicine
  • Mr. Guillaume J.H.C.M. Peeters, MA
    for the portfolio of business administration
  • Mrs. Irmtraut Gürkan
    for the portfolio of finance
  • Mr. György Juhász
    for the portfolio of IT technology, IT applications and IT systems

  • Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Schmidt
    Member with knowledge of transplant medicine

The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the policy of the Board of Management and the general course of affairs of the Foundation, as well as the supervision, monitoring and advising the Board of Management on the achievement of Eurotransplant’s goals, the Eurotransplant’s strategy, the financial reporting process, compliance with legislation and regulations as well as approving the annual budget.


Every transplant center has the right to delegate up to two natural persons in the Assembly (delegates) for every transplant program in which it performed transplantations during a year. The Assembly meets at least once a year.

The duties of the Assembly are:

  • the appointment of the members A of the Council of Medicine as provided in the Articles of Association
  • to discuss the reports from the various committees
  • to evaluate and discuss any subjects concerning the foundation and its objectives

Delegates of the Eurotransplant Assembly

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