Finance/Quality assurance


The activities of Eurotransplant are financed by the health insurance companies in the participating countries. The organization’s budget and the resulting registration fees are negotiated annually with the financers and/or the national competent authorities.

Quality assurance (QA)

Eurotransplant has well defined quality standards and practices and continuously works on further improving the quality of its services. Quality management is a dominant theme in all Eurotransplant’s proceedings.

ISO 9001-2015

Eurotransplant has the Quality Certificate according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards. This means that the provision of services by Eurotransplant is according to the ISO standards. The audit for renewing the certificate was performed by an independent external organization, Bureau Veritas. In 2018, the certificate was renewed for a period of three years. The processes of Eurotransplant have been documented and are kept up to date. Procedures guarantee insight and control on a more aggregated level. The matching process is continuously monitored in order to improve control, to reduce eventual risks and to heighten the awareness of potential risks.

External audits

In order to assess the service level Eurotransplant is audited every year by the Prüfungskommission of the German Bundesärztekammer and by the Dutch Transplant Foundation (NTS). These external audits are part of the agreements with the National Competent Authorities of these member states of Eurotransplant.

Internal audits

Eurotransplant performs internal audits on its different internal processes. The aim of these audits is to empower the organizational learning and to provide fact-based audit reports. The results are used as input for improvement.

Training of personnel

Eurotransplant highly invests in the training of qualified personnel. Newly appointed duty officers receive an internal training of approximately six months. Until the end of their training they work under supervision of senior duty officers. 

The knowledge of all qualified duty officers and medical doctors is tested every year. During this written test their knowledge of the allocation processes per country and organ, new developments in the allocation, working with the Eurotransplant computer system ENIS, high urgencies and transport is examined. If necessary, extra training is given. The yearly tests are part of the plan for QA for allocation employees.