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The Effect of Differing Kidney Disease Treatment Modalities and Organ Donation and Transplantation Practices on Health Expenditure and Patient Outcomes

Project description

The Pilot Project EDITH, which is co-financed by the European Commission, aims to assess the different treatment modalities for ESKD currently used throughout the EU and to examine the factors that influence the different treatment choices. EDITH supports the establishment of follow-up registries in order to collect crucial information to increase the quality and safety of living donors as well as all transplant recipients.

Transplant Recipient Registry – WP6 Co-Leaders: Eurotransplant and NHSBT

WP6 will facilitate a consistent and comprehensive collection of data in EU member states via national kidney follow-up registries and ultimately enable a European Kidney Transplant Registry. The main objective of this work package is therefore to support the establishment of a follow-up registry of kidney transplant recipients in all EU member states.

During the first year all existing national registries have been identified, and a basic data set (based on the data set developed in the previous EU project ‘European Framework for Evaluation of Organ Transplants’ (EFRETOS) have been defined.

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