Cancellation Eurotransplant Annual Meeting 2020

The Eurotransplant Annual Meeting on September 24 and 25, 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This also means that the yearly Assembly will not take place this year. Currently we are preparing an alternative for the voting for members A of the Council of Medicine, which is normally part of the Assembly. The delegates will be informed about the procedure. Abstract submission for the Jon Van Rood Award 2020 is unfortunately not possible. The Jon van Rood award will be granted again next year. 

Although September 2020 looks still far away, it is difficult to predict when the situation will return to normal and what the possible consequences of this pandemic will be.

The Board of Management considers it not appropriate to proceed with the organization of the Annual Meeting, because of the huge effort and costs involved in the preparations of a scientific and accredited program. At present, worldwide many meetings and events taking place between now and September are being cancelled.

As the title of the Eurotransplant jubilee book states, ‘Together on a life-saving mission’, we follow the extended and increased measures taken by national authorities in controlling global spread of COVID-19. The recent situation regarding COVID-19 affects organ donation. All Eurotransplant countries have implemented preventive screenings policies for potential organ donors. For additional information, we kindly refer you to the newsitem on this website.

In the meantime, we will investigate the possibilities for organizing a meeting in the first half of 2021. 

The Eurotransplant Board of Management regrets the decision to cancel the meeting and wishes all health care professionals strength and good health during these difficult times.

First meeting Eurotransplant Supervisory Board

On February 17, the first meeting of the Eurotransplant Supervisory Board took place at the new Leiden office. The Eurotransplant Supervisory Board has been established following the new governance structure which came into effect in January 2020.

We are very pleased to present you the members of the Supervisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Bruno M. Meiser, chairman – portfolio of transplantation medicine
  • Guillaume J.H.C.M. Peeters, MA, – portfolio of business administration
  • Mrs. Irmtraut Gürkan – portfolio of finance
  • Mr. György Juhász – portfolio of IT technology, IT applications and IT systems
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk E.M. Van Raemdonck – portfolio of transplantation medicine
Tasks and duties

The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the policy of the Board of Management and the general course of affairs of the Foundation.

Left to right: Bruno Meiser, Guillaume Peeters, Irmtraut Gürkan, György Juhász and Dirk Van Raemdonck

Serge Vogelaar new medical director Eurotransplant

We are very pleased to inform you that Serge Vogelaar, MD, has unanimously been appointed medical director by the Eurotransplant Supervisory Board.
Since the departure of former medical director Dr. Undine Samuel in May 2019, Serge Vogelaar already fulfilled the role of medical director ad interim.

In 2008, Serge started his career at Eurotransplant as manager Allocation. The allocation department is responsible for the primary process of Eurotransplant: managing the waiting lists and allocating donor organs to the most suitable recipient.
In addition to the allocation process, the allocation department also performs related tasks including functional management, testing of applications, a helpdesk function for external users and innovation of applications.

Serge has performed his position as Manager Allocation excellently and has the required experience and expertise to fulfill the role of medical director.

We wish him the best of luck with his new job position.

Eurotransplant has a new website

Eurotransplant is very pleased to present you its new website. As you can see, we adjusted the look and feel by means of a new design.

What else did we change?

  • We created main sections for three target groups, namely Professionals, Patients and Press. In these sections, we added stories and documents which benefit the target groups
  • In the top menu we added social media icons so you can easily visit our social media channels
  • We created a section About us in which you will find general information about Eurotransplant, for example the history and timeline of Eurotransplant, the benefits of cooperation and a collection of Eurotransplant’s policies
  • In the section Statistics, you will find the monthly statistics, the recent Eurotransplant factsheet and a link to the Eurotransplant statistics library in which you can find and retrieve reports by numerous categories
  • On the homepage, we added counters which show transplantation and waiting list numbers
  • Furthermore, we added more infographics and illustrations
  • The website design is responsive which means that the characteristics of the website (such as width, alignment of data, etcetera) will get adjusted according to the width of the screen

Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding the new website, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 

Slovenia: 20 years of successful cooperation within Eurotransplant

In 2000, Slovenia joined the Eurotransplant cooperation. To celebrate this 20th anniversary a professional symposium takes place today in the University Medical Center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Key professionals in donor and transplant medicine in Slovenia will present achievements and think about the future challenges. Peter Branger, general director of Eurotransplant, has shared his views on fruitful cooperation between Slovenia and Eurotransplant.  

Benefits of cooperation  

Through 20 years of excellent collaboration the cooperation enabled better treatment outcomes for many Slovenian patients, who benefited from a larger donor pool within Eurotransplant. Direct positive impact was seen in the rise of national donation rates, while waiting lists for transplantation became shorter. Combined transplantations became possible as well.

Eurotransplant congratulates Slovenia on this 20th anniversary and looks forward to continue the successful cooperation in the future.