Eurotransplant publishes Annual Report 2021

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Eurotransplant Annual Report 2021

In this edition we present the key statistics on developments in waiting list, organ donation and transplantation in all Eurotransplant member states. Furthermore, an overview is presented of the activities that took place within Eurotransplant, decisions that were made as well as the financial status.  

Detailed statistics for each organ are presented in ‘Collections’ in the Eurotransplant online statistics library.

The Annual Report includes clickable (web)links which makes it easy to navigate through the document. This report will only be available online and will not be distributed by post. However, a hard-copy infographic, which shows the main highlights of Eurotransplant in 2021, will be published and distributed soon.  

Best viewing experience of the digital Annual Report 2021 is guaranteed when using Acrobat Reader. Eurotransplant publishes two versions:  

  • Low resolution – minimum download time  
  • High resolution – longer download time, but higher quality of images; recommended for printing and/or enlarging  

No part of this report may be reproduced without prior permission of Eurotransplant. For permissions or request of specific images, please contact: