First meeting Eurotransplant Supervisory Board

On February 17, the first meeting of the Eurotransplant Supervisory Board took place at the new Leiden office. The Eurotransplant Supervisory Board has been established following the new governance structure which came into effect in January 2020.

We are very pleased to present you the members of the Supervisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Bruno M. Meiser, chairman – portfolio of transplantation medicine
  • Guillaume J.H.C.M. Peeters, MA, – portfolio of business administration
  • Mrs. Irmtraut Gürkan – portfolio of finance
  • Mr. György Juhász – portfolio of IT technology, IT applications and IT systems
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk E.M. Van Raemdonck – portfolio of transplantation medicine
Tasks and duties

The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the policy of the Board of Management and the general course of affairs of the Foundation.

Left to right: Bruno Meiser, Guillaume Peeters, Irmtraut Gürkan, György Juhász and Dirk Van Raemdonck