Announcement change governance structure

After almost five years of discussion, adaptations and preparations, the new Eurotransplant governance structure will come into effect in January 2020.

Responsible stewardship of a foundation requires a periodically review of the governance structure: to ascertain that it still meets current obligations and best practices in non-profit governance. In 2015, the Board of Eurotransplant initiated a review of its corporate and governance structure in close cooperation with representatives of the different Eurotransplant member states. The Board’s goal is to create a governance structure and process that is responsive to Eurotransplant’s members wants and needs, serves centers and health care professionals efficiently and meets current and future challenges.

Based on this consultation the Board has developed the following new governance structure for Eurotransplant:

  • Board of Management, consisting of a General Director and a Medical Director. Almost all management tasks and responsibilities will be contributed to the Board of Management. This Board is responsible for realizing the objectives as defined in Eurotransplant’s vision and mission, for the strategy with its associated risk profile and for the social aspects of running a business that are relevant to the foundation. The new structure thus allows an efficient, effective and transparent communication and decision-making process which will be beneficial to the internal organization.
  • Supervisory Board that will supervise the Board of Management. The Supervisory Board is responsible for the appointed of the members of the Board of Management, evaluates their functioning and decides on their competence to lead the Leiden Office. The function of the Supervisory Board consists partly of supervision beforehand, namely the granting of approval, and partly afterwards. These competences have been further specified in the new Articles of Association.
  • Two Councils will be set up which have an advisory role towards the Board of Management. In the Council of Administration, representatives of the National Competent Authorities will be involved in advising on matters of finance and ICT.
  • The Council of Medicine and Science will consist of representatives of the national transplant societies, an ethicist and representatives from the transplant programs (members A who will be elected by the Assembly as laid down in the Articles of Association). The Council of Medicine and Science prepares and advices on recommendations regarding allocation and allocation development.

Certain issues, such as the accession of new member states, the annual budget and changes to the Articles of Association, require approval of the ministries of Health of the Eurotransplant member states.